No More Bullying (I am Beautiful)

I am done being silent.

All my life I have let others take control, telling me what to do, showing me who to follow, and belittling my whole being. But it all stops here.

I am what I am, and I do what I do because it is MY calling, MY faith, and MY journey. No one* is going to bully me any more.

Do I sound angry? I hope so.

It is my sincerest belief that any one who tries to control another, injecting  their self-centered agenda into another being is a most venomous viper, worthy of contempt. I wash my hands,  feet, and body (soul) of their grimy filthy dust.

Righteous anger aside, I am happy to say that it is now Jesus who I give control. It is Jesus in whose steps I follow. It is Jesus who shows me what to do. But most importantly, it is Jesus who reveals in me that I am both strong and beautiful.

Too long have the lies been told that you and I are worthless and incapable. The time is now for all to realize that our strength has come to write our own stories with the best ink the world has ever seen. Come with me now as I write my story with the (pen) power and ( ink) blood of Jesus. I invite you to believe and do the same.

* Disclaimer: I myself am the foremost person who lied, controlled, and belittled myself. It is not only others who are to blame for the enslavement of lives.  Jesus frees us from ourselves as well as the grubby, influential hands of small men and women who wish to boast in themselves of the truth. I will follow Jesus and bear his dust as my mark of a disciple, not anyone else’s dust.

(NOTE: I am not including a list of religious leaders who played a part in my spiritual bullying as they are a distraction from Jesus, having disrupted enough lives already, as well as been a waste of my time and oxygen. Jesus is all we need. )


6 thoughts on “No More Bullying (I am Beautiful)

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I can totally relate! I feel like I too am FINALLY finding who I am in Christ, not who others tell me I am to be. Looking forward to reading more
    Thanks for linking up to Beautiful You!
    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

    • I am so happy we both can walk with Jesus together in this, while yet being led by own own spirits and gifts. Funny how standing alone brings us together. May you and I find Jesus in each of our footsteps, and may our eyes only be on him, not on others that could wish to mediate and control us.

  2. I completely identify with your words! You are strong, you are going to have an amazing journey. One that will have ups and downs but you will be so confident! Thank you for sharing your soul.

    • Thank you Alissa! May we both continue forward in our journeys in the knowledge of our beauty and strength and live in it through the One who gives it to us.

  3. This is a powerful blog post! While I’m not religious, I see the strength and truth in your words! I hate when others are bullied or belittled, whether it’s by others or by ourselves. At work I see people bullied sometimes and it’s upsetting. The worst though is when we bully ourselves into not believing in ourselves! I try everyday to push myself to be stronger and better! Good luck with your journey!

    • Thank you Sara. That means a lot to me. Learning to stand up for ourselves can be so hard, but certainly life changing. When others stand with us it is empowering, but we aren’t always given that opportunity. I am grateful that for the knowledge on those days when I feel most alone that I can trust Jesus to be standing there with me and empowering me to love myself enough to take a stand and believe in my beauty. May your journey be one of strength and blessing, knowing you are beautiful too!

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