How to Write a Bad Story (this isn’t about how to write a bad story)

A story, simply put, is a stream of events that relate to one another or to someone. “Ah ha!” you say. “So, what’s so important about that?” Okay, I suppose I will tell you.

Each of us live and experience a multitude of events, or moments, over the space of our lifetimes. However, what baffles me is how we get absorbed by the end results of those moments  rather than enjoying them as they come. You wouldn’t read a book like that would you? Do you skip the banter and flourish of words that make up the story; simply skipping to the facts involved? I doubt it.

So, why do we devalue our own moments, the small choices, the little thoughts? Are they not the ingredients to the bigger story of our lives? Take a moment (see what I did there?) and reflect on what is happening right now. It matters. Value this moment, it might make the difference between a good story or a bad one.

It’s up to you.